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B  I  B  L  I  O  T  H  E  C  A    A  U  G  U  S  T  A  N  A
  F. Scott Fitzgerald
1896 - 1940


T h i s   S i d e
o f   P a r a d i s e


Book One: The romantic egotist
Chapter 1 Amory, Son of Beatrice
Chapter 2 Spires and Gargoyles
Chapter 3 The Egotist Considers
Chapter 4 Narcissus Off Duty

        Interlude May, 1917 - February, 1919

Book Two: The education of a personage
Chapter 1 The Débutante
Chapter 2 Experiments in Convalescence
Chapter 3 Young Irony
Chapter 4 The Supercilious Sacrifice
Chapter 5 The Egotist Becomes a Personage

Dust jacket (1920)
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