A Nazi Story Book

by Dr. Schrecklichkeit













It almost makes me cry to tell

What Gretchen (foolish girl) befell.

Her two boy friends had been to call

And lasting friendship vowed by all.

Now on the table close at hand

A little cannon chanced to stand.

And she had promised both the boys

She was contented with her toys,

And would not touch it. "Now" she cries,

"I'll give them both a great surprise

And shoot at someone: waste of labour!

To keep a gun and love your neighbour!"


The Pussy-cats heard this,

And said "Oh, naughty, naughty Miss,

We beg you not

To fire a shot;

It's very, very wrong you know,

Me-ow! Meo! Meow! Meo!

You will be burnt if you do so."


But Gretchen would not take advice

She fired the gun, it was so nice!

She banged it round and round about,

And frightened everybody out:

She said her Dolly liked it so

And she would do it; yes! or no!


The Pussy-cats saw this

And they began to hiss:–

"We fear the worst

That gun will burst."

"Meow!" they said, "Meow! Meo!

You'll burn to death if you do so."


Then hark! with what a dreadful crash

The gun blew up and burnt her sash;

Her arms, her hair, her clothing burns

While Dolly squeaks and roars by turns.


So she was burnt with all her clothes

And arms and hands and eyes and nose;

Till she had nothing more to lose

Except a heap of I.O.U.'s

And Dolly's head. Nought else was found

Among her ashes on the ground.


And when the good cats sat beside

The smoking ashes, still they cried

"Meow! Meo! Meow! Meo!

And serve her right, we told her so."

For Gretchen ran their tears so fast

They made a little pond at last.