A Nazi Story Book

by Dr. Schrecklichkeit














As he strode along from school

Under Master Hitler's rule

Musso trod with pride and pleasure

A "Passo (Goose) Romano" measure,

But what just before him lay

In his way

Musso never cared a copper,

He would never come a cropper.

So they cried out loud and hearty

"Mussolini, Bonaparty."


Running just in Musso's way

Came a little dog one day;

Musso marches, short and stout,

Chin stuck out

And lips a-pout

And he never hears them cry

"Musso! Mind, the dog is nigh!"

Bump! Dump!

Down he fell with such a thump!

Doggie bit him on the rump.


"Victory!" he cries, "I'll home!

Ride in triumph into Rome

Over Mare Nostrum plying!

Still I'm cleverest at flying.

From the deep

Still my fleet all else will sweep

If it safe in port but keep."

See him treading as before

Mare Nostrum's very shore

Where the bank was high and steep

And the water very deep

And his Navy in a row

Cheered to see him coming so.


One more step, and sad to tell

Headlong in poor Musso fell.

And his Navy in dismay

Got up steam and ran away.


There lay Musso nearly drowned,

With "Mein Kampf" so nicely bound;

But as they were passing by,

Two strong men had heard him cry;

And with sticks these two strong men

Hooked poor Musso out again.


He was in a sorry plight,

And had got a thorough fright.

All his goods were lost and gone

Like the clothes of good King John,

And the cold wind from the East,

Blowing through him, never ceased.


"Ain't it my Italian Lake?"

Spluttered Musso, "My mistake!"

As his Navy, one, two, three,

Lay a-sinking in the sea:

Down they went the moment after

And the people cried, with laughter: –

"Hi! You've lost your book, Top Woppy!

It's your presentation copy."