B  I  B  L  I  O  T  H  E  C  A    A  U  G  U  S  T  A  N  A
  Heinrich von Rang (Heinrich von Aalen)
1429 - 1472

L o n d o n ,  
B r i t i s h   L i b r a r y ,  
M S .   A d d .   1 6 5 8 1


Im Rahmen seiner Arbeiten zu Albertano di Brescia hat Angus Graham (Sultan Qaboos University Oman) eine Beschreibung und Inhaltsübersicht der Londoner Handschrift erstellt, die mit freundlicher Genehmigung des Autors hier wiedergegeben ist:

      cf. Robert Priebsch,
      Deutsche Handschriften in England ...,
      II, pp. 147-158, nº 175.

Paper. 301 fols. Dated 1468 (247r, 256r) and 1469 (128v). Bavarian/Swabian dialect. Two scribes, the chief one being Conrad Bolstatter in Augsburg, the second being «M. S.». Bastarda. Several ink drawings. Two fifteenth century paper manuscripts bound together (1-119, 120-300). Heavily damaged, repairs probably contemporary with the sixteenth century binding (yellow leather on wooden boards). Quires misplaced. Inner board has the book plate of Christopher von Wolkenstein and Rodnegg (1594).

1r Blank. New sheet.
1v Picture of a scholar at his desk is pasted on. He has a forked beard and a cap, and is surrounded by books on shelves and in cupboards.

1. 2r-2v Vom Lesen [mutilated, pasted onto fresh sheet and reinserted]

2. 18r-23v, 3r-17v, 24r-81v Albertano of Brescia: Lere und unterweisung [wanting first sheet]: 18r-23v, 3r-9r [De doctrina dicendi], 9r-17v, 24r-42r [Liber consolationis], 42r-81v [De amore et dilectione Dei].

3. 81v-119v Prose theological treatise.

4. 120r-128v Sprüche der 18 weise Meister von Paris; 128v Geendet auff Sampstag vor dem Suntag Jubilate vor Sant Jorgen tage anno domini lxviiij. [= 22.iv.1469] C. S.

5. 129r-132v Ain schöne gůte lere des göttlichen lebens.

6. 133r-152r Rhymed saws.

7. 152v-155v Albertano of Brescia: Reden und Schweigen (second scribe).

8. 156r-170v, 172r-172v Rhymed saws [matching grime-marks reveal that 172 originally preceded 171]

9. 171r-171v Rhymes contributed by second scribe; 172a An unnumbered, blank sheet

10. 173v-174v Von der fürsten leben (second scribe).

11. 175r-203r Collections of saws (198r-198v by second scribe)

12. 203v-212r Heinrich von Rang

13. 212v-231v More saws; 222v Picture of broken corpse in coffin and symbols of mortality; 225r Picture of old man with stick, and of two children playing with sticks; [227 has been pasted in to precede 228 – it originally followed it]; 231a one sheet cut out, one blank sheet.

14. 232r-255v Bernard Silvestre of Chartres: De cura rei familiaris (German); 247r 1468.

15. 256r-291v Freidanck: Beschaidenhait; 256r 1468.

16. 292r-296r Der weltt lauff

17. 296v-300v Cato (German) [cf. Stuttgart poet. et phil. 2° 10 N° 4]; 300a A blank unnumbered page.

This text copyright © 2000 Angus Graham