The Idea of PosterToastAR

Idea and concept

„PosterToastAR“ crafted for Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses brings the usual poster wall into the next generation of seeing, memorizing and sharing the poster content. The printed poster will be extended through further digital information and using the augmented reality technology shows the digital content to the correspondig poster. From the vast amount of posters at the wall filters PosterToastAR interesting content in the users field of view and augments them. Users can learn more about posters directly or save them. Furthermore posters can be marked as uninteresting so the app will not bother the individual user anymore.

Optimized for Smart Glasses

Speech Input

Gesture controlled

Initial situation

The two semester study course which started in winter semester 2013 is performed by a team of six master-students in interactive media systems. Goal of this project is to gain experience in augmented reality in combination with smart glasses technology. The idea of this project was elaborated in multiple meetings within the project’s group and defined afterwards.


Master students in Interactive Media Systems


The big challenge of this app is the creation of totally new hands-free interaction concept including speech and head motion recognition. Because of these the big focus of this project was done on developing the new intuitive interaction concept that allow the user hands-free app control and on evaluating our ideas by the usability tests.

For this propose we implemented the basic app fuctions. These focus on the scannig and recognition of posters with further digital information, displaying of visual marks as AR content on top of the posters that are in the user’s field of view. As further functionality app provides also the possibility to memorize the posters, which the user interested in, and to supress for the user uninteresting content.

We can imagine, that further upgradeable functionality like inserting appointment directly to calender, sharing the information of an event to other friends, can make the app even more usefull and attract further smart glasses users.