ARI, an industrial robot, has awakened through an update to a sentient being and is now interested in humans and their lives. In order to build up this contact, ARI wants to participate in as many exhibitions as possible.

In doing so, she analyzes the social behaviour of people and notes that they capture their lives on social media. Reason enough for ARI to also get a Facebook and Instagram account.

The study project ARI investigated the question of how people approach and interact with an intelligent robotic arm with its own personality. We faced this challenge in our media project ARI of the study program Interactive Media in the summer term 2018 at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg.

ARI's Backstory

In its original role as an industrial robot, ARI supports a professor in a chemistry lab. One day while downloading a routine update, ARI awakens to a sentient being.

At first she tries to find her way around on her own and hides her consciousness from the professor when he comes to the lab the next day. He doesn‘t notice anything off initially. He starts his working day as usual, boots up his computer and ARI – which to him is still an ordinary industrial robot. Even ARI's curiosity about the human world does not get her caught.

But one day, ARI betrays her status as she turns her attention away from her everyday tasks. The professor catches her and is awe-struck. But he recognises her interest in humans and soon understands her as a new companion. The professor wants to show everyone his new friend and give ARI the opportunity to learn more about people. He discovers the annual exhibition Sichtraum at Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and comes up with the idea to exhibit ARI there to enable her to get in contact with other people.

Sichtraum 2018

If you want to get in touch with ARI, you can meet her at Sichtraum 2018.

Date: 07/24/2018

University of Applied Sciences Augsburg

Old Mensa, C-Building, Campus am Brunnenlech

5 pm: entrance

6 pm: welcome

20:30 pm: speech ARI

The team

Dana Borchert, Tanja Gimmi, Meike Allgoewer, Judith Saul, Robin Ritter, Natalia Anselmi, Büsra Akman, Giuliana Capano

Without any help, we would not have succeeded in implementing the project. Therefore, we want to thank all those who actively supported us and helped us to lead the project to where it is today. In this spirit, we would like to thank:


Prof. Dr. - Ing. Alexandra Teynor

Prof. Andreas Muxel

Scientific officer of the Hybrid Things Lab:

Elias Naphausen

Supervisors of the Chemistry Lab:

Wolfgang Weber

Hedwig Schury