Author: Friedrich Beckmann

The power module comprises

  • MOSFET based power switch to switch off the battery from all electronics
  • 5.38V DC/DC converter to supply the PixRacer autopilot, GPS, FrSky RC receiver
  • Battery voltage and current measurement circuit for the PixRacer
  • 5.38V DC/DC converter for the Raspberry Pis and the RFD868+ telemetry

The design is done with Easyeda and is available here: Easyeda SearchWingPower. The board has been produced at JLCPCB and two have been soldered at the ASSCON Demolab.

Search Powermodule board

Search Powermodule with components

Voltera V-one

I have a Voltera V-One printer which can be used to dispense the solder paste. This needs to be tested. In the ASSCON lab we used the stencil printing method.

No talk. Just facts. Only the first board is without placement errors.

PCB Manufacturing at JLCPCB

PCBs can be ordered from JLCPCB directly from EasyEDA. In the PCB view choose “PCB Fabrication File (Gerber)”. The default options for production are fine. Please choose “LeadFree HASL-RoHS” as surface finish.


With a disconnected power switch the power module powers the components. This is a avionics safety feature to ensure power is delivered even with a broken power switch or power switch cable.

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