If you are not able to attend courses during a semester, it is possible to take a leave of absence. You remain a member of Augsburg UAS and keep your student status for the duration of your leave.

You have to re-enroll for each new semester, even during a leave of absence.

You are still required to pay the Student Services fee, including the fee for the semester ticket.

You need to apply for your leave of absence in writing, providing the necessary documentation. Please hand in your application for a leave of absence to the Student Office, no later than the deadline for re-enrollment. Your faculty will decide whether to grant you the leave of absence.

As a rule, a leave of absence may last for a maximum of two semesters. There are exceptions for maternity leave and parental leave.

Please note the following during a leave of absence:

  1. You may not acquire any course credits or take examinations at the university at which the leave of absence has been granted
  2. However, deadlines for repeating tests and examinations remain unaffected by a leave of absence. It is therefore essential that you apply to the examination board for an extension to the deadline in good time, before the examination is due to take place.
  3. People on maternity or parental leave are permitted to acquire course credits and take examinations.

There is an exception to the above for students who have taken a leave of absence to study at a university abroad, and who complete all their classes ahead of schedule while there. Such students can be permitted to take examinations to avoid delaying the completion of their degree program unnecessarily.