Registration process for GRE (general required electives)

Registration for the GRE (general required electives) for the summer semester 2019 is effected in two phases:

First Phase:
  • Monday, 4 March 2019, 00:00 until Wednesday, 6 March 2019, 24:00
  • You can generate a priority list. After the first phase of registration you will get an E-mail with your succesful registration.
  • Please note: In this phase, every student will only get one place.
Second Phase:
  • Thursday, 7 March 2019, 12:00 until Sunday, 24 March 2019, 24:00
  • Registration for courses with remaining places. You can sign up directly for courses that you are interested in and for which you didn't get a place in the first phase.
  • Please also sign out of courses, if you got a place during the first phase but don't wish to attend.

Online registration

The following link takes you to the online registration for AWP lectures. This link is only accessible during the registration phase:

Additional information

  • You'll find all our coures in our timetable
  • Start of AWP Lectures: Monday, 18 March 2019
  • Dates of GRE final exams: Thursday, 27 June 2019 (& Saturday, 29 June, if necessary)
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