Author: Friedrich Beckmann

The following image shows the inner frame with beams, without PVC tubes, pixracerplate and gpsplate.

SearchWing inner frame with beams - without tubes

The inner frame is 3D printed.

Design Data and Print

The design data is in the Onshape Searchwing-Frame Document. The frame is composed of

  • Sidewall-left
  • Sidewall-right
  • Innerwall
  • pixracerplate
  • gpsplate

The 3D Print for the walls is done with Ultimaker 3 with “Normal” default print settings plus 2mm wall width. The plates are printed with “Normal” Settings with the Ultimaker 2+. Both use default PLA material. After the print:

  • Remove the support brim by hand
  • Remove the remaining support brim parts from the walls by filing. The innerwall has to fit into the sidewalls.
  • The sidewalls have a 10mm hole and a 4mm hole for the fuselage spar beams. After print the beams do not fit.
  • Drill a 10mm and a 4mm hole with the stand drill machine to make the fit. DO NOT USE A HAND DRILL!
  • Check that the fuselage beams can be inserted in the sidewall holes.

SearchWing inner frame 4mm hole drill

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