Interactive Media Augsburg

Interactive Media at Augsburg Univerity of Applied Sciences

Web sites, mobile games, navigation and entertainment units in cars: every day we face interactive media in variegated manifestations. Due to the medial networking the presence of interactive media is growing rapidly.

For talented media developers—i.e. media designers and media computer scientists—arise challenging and interesting activity oportunities in a promising career environment, for example as a developer of social games or smartphone apps, or as a designer of user interfaces.

The study courses Interactive Media (BA) und Interactive Media Systems (MA) prepare you for those activities in an ideal manner. Both are designed interdisciplinary and are offered commonly by the faculties of Design and Computer Science.

Interdisciplinarity guaranties a well-founded education in the area of media design and media information technology. Students will receive far-reaching media design and progamming skills as well as fundamental knowledge of workflows and apporaches.

In numerous seminars and projects they learn to apply those techniques in practice.