Interactive Media Systems (Master)

The Augsburg University of Applied Sciences has offered the Master of Arts degree program Interactive Media Systems (IMS) since 2007. This degree program is run jointly by the Faculties of Design and Computer Science. Four areas of specialization are offered, two of them in English:

• Animation & Interaction Research,
• Game Development,
• Mobile Experience
Web Systems

Students will work on the project work/conception and project work/production in teams in their chosen area of specialisation. This programme has been set up as a non-consecutive, three-semester Master’s degree programme and is aimed at graduates in the fields of Media Computer Science, Media and Communication Design or similar degree programmes as well as at University of Applied Science graduates with relevant work experience in the field of New Media.

Courses offered in English

German is the default Teaching Language in this master program.
However the following courses are available in English (as well):

please choose one of the following: Mobile Experience, Animation&Interaction Research
(master project and master Thesis)

Core Subjects:
User Experience (WS), Interaction Engineering (WS), Dramaturgy (SS), Web-Technologies (SS)

Workshops / Seminars:
depending on subject and lecturer

Accompanying subjects:
Intercultural Management (SS/ 6 CPs),
Business Ethics and Corporate Governance (WS/6 CPs)
Managing People (WS/4 CPs)

How to apply?


Animation & Interaction Research

Animation & Interaction Research (AIR) is a laboratory for the whole spectrum of audiovisual media as well as a research lab for novel interaction methods.

AIR takes an experimental approch to contemporary ways of artistic expression; we go beyond outer appearance, we design the process. The convergence of electronic media has overcome classical boundaries of genres and media types, offering fascinating possiblities for creating novel transmedia narratives. Whether traditional frame-by-frame animation or generative realtime systems, whether media-enhanced dance performance or visuals for live music – we think trans-media and develop prototypes for the digital future.

Starting from winter 2016/17 we offer Interaction Research. Here, we develop new interaction methods between human and computer that surpass traditional methods in terms of efficiency, naturalness and ergonomics. We utitlize mulitple modalities like gesture, facial expression, touch/haptics, posture and full-body movement. Relevant technologies are mulitouch surfaces and motion sensors like the Kinect, the Myo arm band or the leap motion.

Students interested in research will have the opportunity to publish at prominent conferences in the field of human-computer interaction (HCI) and may even consider an academic career as a PhD candidate.

Students interested in starting their own business will be supported in their endeavour. Numerous alumni have already started their businesses with great success. AIR will make you rich, famous and sexy.

The requirements for this specialization depend on your specific interests or personal project. Please contact us for more information.


Mobile Experience

Mobile Experience deals with the technical as well as the design aspects of mobile applications on handheld or wearable devices. The interplay between the user’s real-life environment and the digital products on offer is of particular interest in such cases.

mobile experience
In this specialisation we will look at:

location or context related services, applications or games
– Content for mobile devices (Apps)
– Human Computer Interface (Usability)



Student Advisor Interactive Media Systems Prof. KP Ludwig John
Administrative Office for Design Ms. Karin Kiefer
Room L203, Friedberger Straße 2, 86161 Augsburg