PSPP MacOS Bundles

PSPP is a software package for statistics. This site provides MacOS application bundles for pspp. Information how to upgrade a GNU/Linux pspp package is here: PSPP GNU/Linux package updates.

Build status

debian: MacOS bundle: homebrew:


The bundle is build and tested for MacOS 12.7.1 (Monterey). However, there is a good chance, that it works also on other versions of MacOS. If you run this on other MacOS versions, please send me a feedback about your experience.


Stable Release: pspp-2.0.1-2.dmg, released on March 21st 2024.

Old Stable Release: pspp-1.6.2-2.dmg, released on July 2nd 2022.

Old Old Stable Release: pspp-1.4.1-2.dmg, released on September 5th 2020, should work for all MacOS versions starting from MacOS 10.15 (maybe previous?). I have updated the bundle to also work on MacOS Monterey.

Nightly builds: Download from github


I do not have an Apple Developer ID and therefore I cannot sign the application bundle. This application note describes how to install an application which is not signed.


Support and Problems

Use the pspp-users mailing list to discuss problems. Bug reports can be submitted via the GNU Savannah pspp Bug Tracker on the PSPP Project Page.

Technology and Build Process

The PSPP Mac Bundles are based on the homebrew builds and an adapted version of the gtk-mac-bundler.

Comparison to the homebrew version

If you have homebrew already installed, then use homebrew! The bundle includes all required libraries to run pspp and uses the usual installation process via dmg.

Comparison to the MacPorts pspp version

The MacPorts project provides a complete environment with all required libraries for running pspp on MacOS. The installation of pspp via MacPorts requires: If you already have MacPorts installed on your system, then use MacPorts! If you feel uncomfortable with setting up MacPorts, then you may use the bundle. The bundle on this site just installs everything the usual Mac way via a dmg file as a selfcontained application. The default graphics backend in MacPorts is X11 and therefore requires the X Server. The bundle is configured to use the GTK+ Quartz backend - so the bundle does not need an X Server. So the bundle has the following differences to the macports version:

Build process

The bundle is based on the pspp version in Homebrew. The build process of the bundle is controlled via the script here: This script will
Maintained by Friedrich Beckmann