A Nazi Story Book

by Dr. Schrecklichkeit















All dressed in winter coat so thick.

The furry-hatted Bolshevik,

With hammer and with sickle fitted,

About the Nevsky Prospekt flitted.

Then Adolf, little noisy wag,

Ran out and bawled and waved his flag;

And Ribby, see, for pacts in trim,

Had brought his fountain pen with him;

And Goebbels too, with whoops of laughter

Picked up the 'Völkisch' Beobachter';

So one and all set up a roar

And scoffed and hooted more and more,

And kept on singing, slinging mud –

"Oh Bolshy, you're as red as blood!"


Now Comrade Joseph lived close by

So tall, he almost touched the sky;

He had a mighty inkstand too,

In which a great goose feather grew;

He called out in an angry tone

"Boys, leave the Bolshevik alone!

Promise me no more to tease him,

But do everything to please him;

And I'll grant you on that score

Leave to plague the boy next door."


"Aha!" said Ribby, "Mark you then

Tm very glad I brought my pen;

I'm just as good at signing pacts

As Goebbels at distorting facts."

So Comrade Joseph took his pen

All wrote their names down too, and then

He seizes Adolf, seizes Gob

Grasps Ribby by his pallid nob

And they may scream and kick, and call,

Into the ink he dips them all;

Into the inkstand, one, two, three,

Till they are red, as red can be;

Turn over now and you shall see.


See there they are and there they run!

The Bolshevik enjoys the fun.

They have been made as red as rubies

Since Comrade Joseph dipped the boobies.

Now, branded like the Bolshevik,

They wonder if they've dropped a brick.