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English Communication Skills for Designers and Interactive Media

Compulsory Course/Required Elective

Required Elective

Type of Course

Seminar (AWP)



Offered in

Every Semester


2 CP

Credit Hours



Decimal Grade

Entry Level
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Die Einstufung richtet sich nach dem Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmen (GERS).

Startniveau: B2

Zielniveau: B2+

Sie sind sich nicht sicher, welches Niveau Sie haben? Hier geht es zum Selbsteinstufungstest .



Situation- and topic-based lessons with the main focus on speaking will give you lots of opportunities to practice using English in a lively classroom atmosphere. Integrated work on style, listening, grammar, and vocabulary building will help you improve your English in your areas of interest.

Students of ALL faculties who need to speak more confidently and fluently in a variety of situations in English. If you need to take part in an interview, win a discussion, or make a presentation, attend university lectures or do an internship in an English-speaking country, this is the course for you! Students participating should have an intermediate to upper-intermediate knowledge of the language, which they have either acquired at school or during a stay abroad.

This course will improve your performance in interviews, discussions and when speaking in front of an audience, by building up your self-confidence.

The focus of our lessons is spoken communication and we will use materials and deal with topics tailored to your needs and interests, and work on your fluency, vocabulary and pronunciation, while also developing your listening skills.

Students’ participation will be continuously evaluated and the final grade will comprise classroom evaluation and the oral exam grade.

Work Load


30 h Lehrveranstaltung; 15 x 90 Minuten