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German as a Foreign Language


The German Language Center supports international students at Augsburg UAS in improving their German language skills. 

Before being admitted to a German university, degree seeking students must provide official proof of their German language skills, for example with the TestDaf test. We provides services relating to this examination.

We also organize German language courses for enrolled students. You can attend them alongside your degree program. Improve your German and collect ECTS credit points!

Internationale Studierende im Deutschkurs

Information for international exchange students


We offer German language courses for international exchange students on beginner, elementary and intermediate levels:

German A1, German A1+, German A2 and German B1.

Click here for more information

  • on all our German language courses
  • how to enroll for these courses
  • and on the timetable.

You can find the timetable here:

Language requirements for admission to university

Internationale Studierende im Deutschkurs

Students with a foreign qualification for university entrance (e.g. High School Diploma, Leaving Certificate, A-Levels) must provide proof of their German language proficiency before enrolling at a German university. You'll find a list with the accredited German langauge examinations of Augsburg UAS here.

The most popular language test is the TestDaF, which is available at Augsburg UAS.

Holders of the TestDaF test certificate from Augsburg UAS can use it to apply to any German university. Visit for an overview of the entry requirements of other universities.
You would like to study at a German university and haven't taken a German language proficency test, yet? We also offer preparatory courses: the TestDaF intensive course on level B2 and level C1. You'll find all information on these courses here in German.
Additionally, you can take the online placement test onSET at the German Language Center. This test can be used as proof of your language proficiency when applying for a DAAD grant.