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Semester Abroad


For master students from the study programme "International Business and Finance", a semester abroad during the second semester (summer semester) is mandatory.

In order to help you finding the right universities for a semester abroad we have the following options available for your consideration:

Our partner universities
There are a number of partner universities available from all over the world. Tuition fees are waived for partner universities in Europe (except in Great Britain and Denmark), Asia and Mexico.


You also have the liberty to spend your semester abroad in any accredited university (refer to anabin.kmk.org for the list of recognized University) in a Master Program in Business (MA or MSc), as a “fee-paying, non-degree seeking, visiting student”. The curriculum and the respective courses you would like to enrol has to be approved by either Prof. Dr. Anton Frantzke or Prof. Dr. Wolfram Schönfelder before the application. The courses must be listed in a “Learning Agreement” for approval.

As a Freemover you have to apply directly at your desired university. The application process, requirements and deadlines vary from institution to institution. Therefore, it is necessary that you are well informed of your desired university and get in touch with their International Office and /or Office of Admissions.

Please hand in a copy of your application form, the Learning Agreement (with the signature of either Prof. Dr. Anton Frantzke or Prof. Dr. Wolfram Schönfelder) and a letter of acceptance to Ms Wong for our reference.

Semester abroad with our university
Only applicable to foreign students who are either being the first time in Germany or have resided in Germany before in a time span of six months or less.

Application Procedure for a semester abroad
Detailed Information would be provided upon your arrival at our university in a "Kick-off workshop" before the start of the semester at the end of September.
For inquires, pls. contact Ms. Diana Wong, International Coordinator.