The antenna ground box provides access to the antenna on the vessel from a laptop or tablet running QGroundControl. The station is composed of

In addition it is possible to connect via the FTDI UART/USB cable with and without power from the 24V system. The router can also be connected with an ethernet cable to have wired access to the telemetry data.


  • 24V power supply from Ship (max. 3A / 6V-38V InputRange)
  • Antenna cable with N connector for the Taoglas antenna
  • Ethernet cable for wired access
  • FTDI UART/USB cable for direct wired access


  • Power Switch: Use Power from D24V50F5 DC/DC Converter (Jumper Left) or the USB Power via FTDI Cable (Jumper Right)
  • Data Switch: Route the Telemetry RADIO TX/RX to Ethernet (Jumpers Left) or to the FTDI Cable (Jumpers Right)


The electronics is in a Spelsberg box with 300x300x180mm and pole mounting.

  • GEOS MSS-30 Masthalterung mit Schraubschellenset SRS 60-90 und SRS 90-150 und einer
  • GEOS-L EP-3030 Montageplatte mit (NOT USED)
  • GEOS MH-22 Halterset (WRONG!!! This is too long and probably useless)

Waveshare UART to Ethernet

  • User: SWing, Pass: SW018
  • IP:
  • MAC: 9C:A5:25:A0:48:B4


  • Baud Rate: 57600, 8 Databits, No Parity, 1 Stopbit
  • Local Port: 14550
  • Remote Port Number: 14550
  • Work Mode: UDP Client
  • Remote Server Addr:

Access Point

  • Type: GL-Inet AR750
  • SSID: SearchWing-AntBox
  • Wifi Password: GEHEIM
  • 5 GHz Channel 48, 2.4 GHz is OFF
  • Router IP:
  • Admin Password: GEHEIM

The changes made from factory setting are:

  • Wifi SSID, Passwords
  • 2.4 GHz OFF
  • Bind MAC from UART2ETH WaveShare to IP
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