The antenna ground box provides access to the antenna on the vessel from a laptop or tablet running QGroundControl. The station is composed of

In addition it is possible to connect via the FTDI UART/USB cable with and without power from the 24V system. The router can also be connected with an ethernet cable to have wired access to the telemetry data.

All electronic components are in the Spelsberg box.

Antenna Ground Station - Board and Accesspoint


  • 24V power supply from Ship (max. 3A / 6V-38V InputRange)
  • Antenna cable with N connector for the Taoglas antenna
  • Ethernet cable for wired access
  • FTDI UART/USB cable for direct wired access


  • Power Switch: Use Power from D24V50F5 DC/DC Converter (Jumper Left) or the USB Power via FTDI Cable (Jumper Right)
  • Data Switch: Route the Telemetry RADIO TX/RX to Ethernet (Jumpers Left) or to the FTDI Cable (Jumpers Right)


The electronics is in a Spelsberg box with 300x300x180mm and pole mounting.

  • GEOS MSS-30 Masthalterung mit Schraubschellenset SRS 60-90 und SRS 90-150 und einer
  • GEOS-L EP-3030 Montageplatte mit (NOT USED)
  • GEOS MH-22 Halterset (WRONG!!! This is too long and probably useless)

Waveshare UART to Ethernet

  • User: SWing, Pass: SW018
  • IP: Alan Kurdi:, Sea-Eye 4:
  • MAC: Alan Kurdi: 9C:A5:25:A0:48:B4, Sea-Eye 4: 9C:A5:25:A0:48:51


  • Baud Rate: 57600, 8 Databits, No Parity, 1 Stopbit
  • Local Port: 14550
  • Remote Port Number: 14550
  • Work Mode: UDP Client
  • Remote Server Addr:

Access Point

  • Type: GL-Inet AR750
  • SSID: SW-AntBox-5G (5 GHz), SW-AntBox-24G (2.4 GHz)
  • Wifi Password: GEHEIM
  • 5 GHz Channel 48, 2.4 GHz Channel 1
  • Router IP:
  • LAN as DHCP with UARTtoEth via MAC Binding to fixed address)
  • Admin Password: GEHEIM

The changes made from factory setting are:

  • Wifi SSID, Passwords
  • Bind MAC from UART2ETH WaveShare to IP (Kurdi:, Sea-Eye 4:

The installation requires

  • 24 DC power supply cable
  • install of the Taoglas Antenna
  • install of the Spelzberg box
  • optional install of the Ethernet Cable for fixed wire access

Antenna Ground Box on Alan Kurdi

The image shows the installed SearchWing Antenna Box on the Alan Kurdi. The box contains a Wifi Access Point for a connection to the flight tablet computer. It is therefore recommended to operate the tablet in proximity to the box.

Electronics / Board

Franc and Tim design a board for the antenna ground box.

|Easyeda - Antenna Ground Station Board

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