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Study Program


The university offers students the opportunity to gain specialist knowledge and social competence in seven faculties: Liberal Arts and Sciences, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Design, Computer Science, Mechanical and Process Engineering and Business Studies. Each faculty aims to prepare students to the highest standard for their future careers.

As a practically oriented university we offer, as well as our core Bachelor and Master Degrees, one part-time bachelor and two part-time master degree programs for people in full-time employment. We also offer trained working professionals, such as technicians, the option to attend a BA program in Industrial Engineering, compatible with their working lives. Our range of studies is flexible to suit the needs of our time and we use the latest teaching techniques.

Range of Courses

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Course of studiesDegreeStart of Studies
Mechanical Engineering (BEng)Bachelor of EngineeringEvery Semester
Further Training Course in Environmental Engineering, Emission Control and Hazardous IncidentsCertificateEvery Semester
Additional Qualification in Environmental Engineering, Emission Control and Hazardous IncidentsCertificateEvery Semester
Applied Research in Engineering Sciences (MSc)Master of ScienceEvery Semester
Environmental and Process Engineering (MEng)Master of EngineeringEvery Semester
Design and Communication Strategy (MA)Masters of ArtsEvery Semester
Interactive Media Systems (MA)Masters of ArtsEvery Semester
Architecture (MA)Masters of ArtsEvery Semester
Civil Engineering (MEng)Master of EngineeringEvery Semester
Engergy Efficiency Design – E2DMaster of EngineeringEvery Semester
Zertifikat Interkulturelle KompetenzenCertificateEvery Semester
Business Information Systems (MSc)Master of ScienceEvery Semester
Computer Science (MSc) Master of ScienceEvery Semester
Akademische Brückenqualifizierung International (ABI)CertificateEvery Semester
Taxation and Accounting (MA)Masters of ArtsEvery Semester
Marketing/Sales/Media (MA)Masters of ArtsEvery Semester
Intercultural CompetencesCertificatenot specified
SAP TERP10plusCertificatenot specified
Lightweight Construction and Composite Technology (M.Eng.; English)Master of Engineeringnot specified
Mechatronic Systems (MEng)Master of EngineeringSummer Term
Lightweight Construction and Composite Technology (MEng)Master of EngineeringSummer Term
Technology Management (Eng)Master of EngineeringSummer Term
Industrial Security (MSc)Master of ScienceSummer Term
Environmental and Process Engineering (BEng)Bachelor of EngineeringWinter Term
Interactive Media (BA)Bachelor of ArtsWinter Term
Communication Design (BA)Bachelor of ArtsWinter Term
Systems Engineering (BEng)Bachelor of EngineeringWinter Term
Project Management (Civil Engineering) (MEng)Master of EngineeringWinter Term
Industrial Engineering (BEng)Bachelor of EngineeringWinter Term
Electrical Engineering (BEng)Bachelor of EngineeringWinter Term
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